The Show Me State

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Today’s activity focuses on Missouri, otherwise known as the “Show Me State”. The 24th state to join the Union, today it is home to over 6 million people. Missouri is located in the Central Time Zone, and is best known for it’s two major cities — St. Louis and Kansas City.

Some helpful resources to use with this puzzle include this handy map from the State of Missouri DOT (MoDOT). You can also request a free print version be sent to you – an excellent way to develop additional lessons and activities for exploring the state.

To get started with the puzzle search, encourage your children to learn more about each word they find. For example, why does Walt Disney appear in a puzzle about Missouri? And what does sliced bread have to do with anything?

Missouri Word Search Puzzle

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Home Activities

Spring is here!

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April showers bring spring flowers!

Today is the first day of spring, and here in Missouri it’s a nice 70 degrees with a wonderful breeze as I am writing this. Soon, flowers, trees and our friends the bees will be out welcoming another season.

Today’s activity is a spring crossword puzzle to get your kids – and you! – in the mood for this new season. This activity is also a great time to take the kids out to the backyard and ask if they can spot any early signs of spring. Look for blossoms, buds and green grass starting to sprout!

Can you work together to find the answer to all 17 clues?

Spring Crossword Puzzle

Spring Crossword Puzzle – Answer Key

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The Great Toilet Paper Scare of ’73

Did you know? In 1973 comedian Johnny Carson created a run on toilet paper that left shelves bare. For almost 4 months, supplies of toilet paper were in short supply.

Read more about it at

Got 2-ply?
Home Activities

The Bubble Bandit!

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The Bubble Bandit has Struck!

The citizens of Cleantown need your help! The bubble bandit left them some words of advice last night to keep healthy. Can you and your children work together to help reveal these important bits of advice!

Bubble Bandit Word Scramble

Bubble Bandit Word Scramble – Answer Key

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Home Activities

St. Patrick’s Day fun

With many of us at home now, working and dealing with kids, it’s good to have activities to keep both the kids, and the whole family, busy. Since today is St. Patrick’s day, how about a word find for the whole family?

Over the next few days (and weeks) I’ll be posting various puzzles and games that I developed over the years, both when I was a teacher and some that I created recently. Hopefully they will provide for a bit of entertainment for all!


St. Patrick’s Day Word Fun Puzzle
St. Patrick’s Day Word Fun Puzzle Answer Key


I <3 Google Domains

Ever come across something and instantly you are like “Why didn’t I know about this years ago!?” This is how I describe me stumbling upon Google Domains not too long ago. For years I had used providers such as GoDaddy, Namecheap and even Yahoo to maintain domains. I was constantly switching providers based on who was offering what at the cheapest price or with the most add-ons, such as privacy protection, etc. It was a terrible way to maintain my domains, and results in me paying for way more than I needed many times throughout the years as I forgot about packages, domains and sometims even forgot my login information!

So when I came across someone talking about Google Domains in an article I was reading I knew I had to check it out. First things first — there is really one product. Domains. $12 each. That’s it. Privacy? Included for free. Dynamic DNS support? Included for free. Email forwarding for up to 100 addresses? Still free, still included. Not to mention it uses Google’s DNS servers, the ones you should be using if you aren’t already.

One thing that really drew me to it, before I knew about all the features it came with “out of the box” was it’s clean interface. Navigating registrars like GoDaddy has become more like trying to get out of an escape room. Google puts everything on a nice, clean dashboard and when you click on something like DNS it takes you to the DNS section. Not through ten different menus you have to click around on to manage a record.

Google Domains simple, clean interface.

Now to be fair, there is one add-on you can “buy” — if you want to purchase Google’s G-Suite to add on functionality such as business-grade email, etc. Plus it appears they have designed it so other partners can offer other services in the future. Still, 99% of what people need a domain registar for is included for free with the simple $12 domain purchase.

I find the older I get, the more I like things that “just work” and Google Domains does that for me. No having to navigate page after page of upsells, or trying to find out what menu they hid something under this week. Plus, it is saving me quite a bit of money – I was paying $59.99 a year for a dynamic DNS service for one domain.

I’m often reminded that tech was support is supposed to make our lives better – and this product definitely fulfills a need in mine.


In the race of retail, Amazon stumbles

All of us have shopped Amazon. You’d be hard pressed to find a 6 year old who doesn’t know what Amazon is. I jumped on the Amazon bandwagon back when it was primarily still a bookseller, and have been riding the train ever since. But in the last year something has changed – the novelty, the fun, the convenience… it’s all wore off. I find that Amazon is no longer my first choice, or even my third or fourth sometimes. What happened?

The biggest thing Amazon had going for it was convenience – they became the Sears catalog of our grandparents to a whole new generation. Click and 2-3 days later your box of goodies was at your doorstep. This concept was unheard of when they started, and many retailers got left in the dust and simply couldn’t compete with this convenience and speed. In a nutshell, Amazon had the market completely to themselves.

Then something happened – the other retailers caught up, and started marching past Amazon. Wal-Mart and Target launched not only 2-3 day deliveries, but beat Amazon by offering same day delivery in many markets, or in almost every market, same day pickup. I’ve had Target deliveries to my home take less than 90 minutes. I’ve had pickup orders ready at Wal-Mart in less than 10 minutes. Amazon simply doesn’t have to the infrastructure to support something that like. Wal-Mart and Target does primarily because they have thousands and thousands of brick and mortal retail locations across the USA. The liability of brick and mortar stores all of a sudden is now an asset. To add further insult to injury, Wal-Mart and Target are offering these services for free – no yearly membership fee or anything of that nature. More money in my pocket and faster service, another win.

It’s not just Wal-Mart and Target doing this either. Macy’s, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Journeys, Finish Line, Kroger — and hundreds more — have all developed a strong omnichannel (fancy word for retailing via many methods, including online) presence. Macy’s can have my pickup in store order ready in less than an hour, or in certain markets deliver it right to me the same day from the store. In many ways how it used to be during the early 1900’s — department stores always offered delivery services. Very few people actually took their purchases with them from the store.

Vans Checkered Pewter Skate Shoe
Vans Chex – These guys rock!

I recently wanted a pair of Vans Chex. Because I’m retro like that. I checked Amazon – $74.99. I checked Journeys – $49.99. Yikes. Journeys offered free shipping too – no magic memberships to buy – so I placed the order with them, of course. Less than 2 hours later I got an email from the shoe had shipped from a Journeys store about 150 miles away from me. Estimated arrival — day after tomorrow. Two days. For free. For less. Much less. Even if I had bought from Amazon, since I don’t pay for their “membership” called Prime, my order would have been artificially delayed for a few days (usually 2-3, but I’ve seen as many as 5 days pass). I firmly believe this is a way to hold you hostage to buy their membership.

The bottom line is, Amazon was groundbreaking when they launched, and they did help shake up the retail world. However, like almost every other retail story out there, nobody or nothing lasts forever. The major retailers have caught up to Amazon in terms of speed, cost and customer service. Wal-Mart and Target are leaving them in the dust, and their growth shows it. Even more conservative/traditional retailers like Macy’s have caught up with Amazon nowadays.

The pricing war has been won long ago (Wal-Mart started that battle), and now the speed/convenience battle is drawing to an end. If the playing field is equal now – and I can get the merchandise I want, like my Vans, cheaper, faster and “local” then why do I need Amazon?



As someone born in the early 1970s, the 2020s seemed like the far-off future to me as a child. Yet, here we are. Turning 46 in a few days, I feel more alive now than I did at any other time in my life. It took so long to finally “not give a fuck” what anyone else thought about me or my life. I guess I can chalk that up to my “one regret” — not realizing I should not give a fuck sooner in life.

So who am I, and what is all this about? And why should you care? Well, first off, you shouldn’t – read it if you want, or don’t. I don’t really care. See first paragraph for further explanation.

This is a virtual scratchpad. Something I kept saying I was going to do for years, but never did, but figured what the hell – maybe in the year 2099 someone will find an archive of this and at least get a laugh, or learn some ancient history. One of the two I am sure.

What is dmxrob? It’s my alias; one I’ve used since long before many of you were even born.

Having said all that, let’s go… adventure awaits.