I <3 Google Domains

Ever come across something and instantly you are like “Why didn’t I know about this years ago!?” This is how I describe me stumbling upon Google Domains not too long ago. For years I had used providers such as GoDaddy, Namecheap and even Yahoo to maintain domains. I was constantly switching providers based on who was offering what at the cheapest price or with the most add-ons, such as privacy protection, etc. It was a terrible way to maintain my domains, and results in me paying for way more than I needed many times throughout the years as I forgot about packages, domains and sometims even forgot my login information!

So when I came across someone talking about Google Domains in an article I was reading I knew I had to check it out. First things first — there is really one product. Domains. $12 each. That’s it. Privacy? Included for free. Dynamic DNS support? Included for free. Email forwarding for up to 100 addresses? Still free, still included. Not to mention it uses Google’s DNS servers, the ones you should be using if you aren’t already.

One thing that really drew me to it, before I knew about all the features it came with “out of the box” was it’s clean interface. Navigating registrars like GoDaddy has become more like trying to get out of an escape room. Google puts everything on a nice, clean dashboard and when you click on something like DNS it takes you to the DNS section. Not through ten different menus you have to click around on to manage a record.

Google Domains simple, clean interface.

Now to be fair, there is one add-on you can “buy” — if you want to purchase Google’s G-Suite to add on functionality such as business-grade email, etc. Plus it appears they have designed it so other partners can offer other services in the future. Still, 99% of what people need a domain registar for is included for free with the simple $12 domain purchase.

I find the older I get, the more I like things that “just work” and Google Domains does that for me. No having to navigate page after page of upsells, or trying to find out what menu they hid something under this week. Plus, it is saving me quite a bit of money – I was paying $59.99 a year for a dynamic DNS service for one domain.

I’m often reminded that tech was support is supposed to make our lives better – and this product definitely fulfills a need in mine.

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